Cell Membrane Transport

Cell Membrane Transport

By Tom Robertson, PhD, Jim Moore, DVM, PhD, Scott Brown VMD, PhD, L. Renee Stander, BFA, Sean Joseph Durkin, BS, Spencer L Grimm, BS, Jenny Brewer, BFA, Alex Turbyfield, MFA & Jef Freydl, MFA

  • Release Date : 2014-04-04
  • Genre : Biology
  • FIle Size : 815.15 MB


Cell Membrane Transport Learning science just got easier. Understanding cell transport mechanisms is one of the more difficult topics students struggle with while learning biology. Much of this trouble stems from traditional, boring, and bland textbooks. At Cogent Education, we believe being able to interact directly with your textbook is the future of science education. Instead of waiting for textbook companies to change, we decided to design a 3D interactive textbook that allows you to interact with biological processes. In this book, you will learn about cell membrane transport through text, animations, movies, and interactive molecular models. Technology has caused paradigm shifts in almost every industry, so why not learning? This is our response to the stagnation of textbook and educational companies as we try to bring the future of learning and science education directly to you, the student. 

You will learn:  How cells regulate their internal environment and respond to changes (homeostasis). How the transport of ions and molecules is necessary for homeostasis.  How concentration differences in water, ions, and molecules affect molecular transport mechanisms. And many more important biological, chemical and physical science concepts necessary to survive from high school to college biology.